Get to Know Belinza
Get to Know Belinza
Belinza is a furniture company that has been in the construction furniture sector for many years, has worked in the fields of bathroom furniture design, production and marketing for the last 10 years, was established in Bursa in 2014 by two specialized friends and started its production life.

It offers quality middle and upper segment products to the market by developing its designs and models with its unique attitude and contemporary line.

Belinza has an expert and dynamic staff and modern machinery in the production of classic series produced with molds and handcrafts with the modern series. It uses the opportunities offered by technology by organizing it wisely and raises the bar.
  • Friendly, quality service
    Belinza will always continue to stand by its dealers with quality service and unconditional customer satisfaction after sales. It is aimed to respond to the demands of consumers and dealers as soon as possible in accordance with the conditions of the day and to ensure satisfaction.

    In addition to portfolio products, it offers solutions to the special demands of project customers by designing and manufacturing.
  • Our Vision
    By providing the right quality / price ratio, with a wide product range, the consumer to meet their expectations at the highest level.

    Widespread in various parts of Turkey and the world, which is taken as an example by its competitors, To be a leading company that is universal, respected and has a high market value.

    A “strategic portfolio” with competitive and sustainable growth potential manage in a way that creates value for its stakeholders.
  • Our Mission
    By understanding customer needs and expectations in the best way, we provide them with the right channel. Widespread dealer network and alternative distribution offering the most appropriate solutions and value propositions It offers the widest range of products and services to all segments of the society in the fastest and most aware of its ethical values ​​and social responsibility, operating with sustainable profitability and efficiency at world standards. is to be a company that shows customer satisfaction above all else.
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