Customer Satisfaction

Our main goal is to provide satisfaction to our customers by evaluating their requests, suggestions and feedback effectively through all communication channels.

We work with the principle of ;

”Our goal is to satisfy our customers to get their thanks“
For this purpose;
  • We treat customer requests and complaints objectively in terms of openness, confidentiality, accessibility, integrity, sensitivity, and evaluate them in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • We handle quickly all the complaints we receive from our customers, inform our customers during the solution stages, and make permanent improvements in our processes in order to prevent recurrence of complaints.
  • We provide fair and impartial feedback to our customers.
  • We provide quality, fast, pioneering, reliable services to meet customer requests and continuously improve our processes.
  • We support the participation, sharing and creativity of our employees, business partners and stakeholders in order to increase customer satisfaction, and provide opportunities to improve themselves.
  • We reward the achievements of the people who produce the services in our processes, analyze the satisfaction surveys conducted to our customers in detail and carry out activities that focus on continuously increasing our scores.

Our most important job is Your Satisfaction

  • Customer Service receives your requests from all channels.
  • Carry out the necessary examinations and analysis on your request.
  • Informs you about your request.
  • Provides service with the goal of satisfaction according to your request.
  • Happy Customer.
  • Happy Customer.
  • Your request will be finalized with the aim of getting a thanks from you.

We are at your service with our Call Center and solution-oriented services. We are able to diversify and develop the channels you can easily transmit to us.

You can contact with us anytime via e-mail, social media or by phone. Moreover, the customer representative who receives your request will keep in touch with you until your request will be solved.

We provide a return within 2 hours to your requests, within an average of 7 business days we resolve your request. More than 90% of our calls result in satisfaction.